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Smart TV Showdown:
Comparing Features and Finding the Perfect Fit

Choosing a suitable smart TV for your home can take time to decide which one is better. It makes sense that there are a variety of smart TVs available, leaving you to ponder which is the finest. Two popular operating systems for smart televisions are WebOS and Android. However, figuring out which smart TV platform is appropriate for your living room can be challenging.

A reliable smart TV online store in Noida like Ankur Electricals offers the best TV as per your needs. On our shelves, we have a variety of Smart TV models from leading brands.

Features To Consider Before Buying Smart TV

To make sure your TV fulfills your needs and offers a pleasurable viewing experience, take into account the following qualities before making a purchase:

1. Refresh Rate and Motion Handling

Smoother motion handling can be achieved with a higher refresh rate (usually 120Hz or more), which is advantageous for fast-paced material such as action films and sports.

2. RAM vs Storage

Storage is where the TV’s firmware, apps, settings, and user data are kept permanently, whilst RAM is in charge of momentarily storing current data for seamless multitasking. For a smooth and delightful Smart TV user experience, RAM and storage are both essential.

Tips to Find the Perfect One for Your Home

Choosing a suitable TV for your family means taking into account a number of aspects to make sure that it satisfies everyone’s wants and tastes. The following crucial advice will assist you in making the best decision:

  • Screen Size: Take into account the viewing distance and the design of the room when choosing the TV’s size. A more immersive experience may be had with a larger screen, but it must also fit the size of the space. Based on the viewing distance, you can utilize online calculators or guidelines to figure out the perfect screen size.
  • Display Technology: Depending on your needs and budget, select LED, OLED, or QLED. While QLED and OLED panels give better images, particularly with regard to color and contrast, LED TVs can be more reasonably priced.
  • Smart Features: Seek for a Smart TV that supports popular streaming apps and services and has an easy-to-use interface. Amazon Prime Video, and other video providers are easily accessible on smart TVs. Verify whether voice control features and integration with well-known voice assistants, such as Alexa or Google Assistant, are available.



It can be confusing to decide between the WebOS and Android systems in the ever-changing world of smart TVs. A flawless viewing experience is ensured by giving characteristics like refresh rate, RAM, and storage priority. Screen size, display technology, and smart features are important factors to take into account for families. Ankur Electricals is a reputable smart TV online store in Noida that provides a wide selection of choices to suit every requirement.

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